Fontaine bleau


Fontainebleau Miami Beach


2013 - 2014


Interior Design - Hospitality, Custom Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment

Floating cake lighting. Spinning swirls of creamy dreams. Cool ribbons in stone and sweets that guide you throughout. Chez Bon Bon is an extension of the iconic Fontainbleau lobby and this renovation needed to link the classic glamour founded in the 1950’s while also integrating contemporary technology.

The design was created while at David Mexico Design Group - as the first employee - and after almost a decade, the cafe feels new and has a daily morning line that extends out the door.

A chilled worksurface in the window allows artisanal pastry chefs to entertain passerbys as they put the finishing touches on their creations. The adjacent, hidden kitchen replenishes baked goods throughout the day so the menu is every changing with new offerings. Grab ‘n Go is also a feature for those that would rather spend their time by the pool or beach.

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