Cold Brew Bar


Thrive Farmers


2016 - 2019


Interior Design - Multiple Locations, Brand Direction, Graphic Direction, Custom Millwork & Specialty Equipment, Art Features

Thrive's Cold Brew Bar is your local coffee shop where the barista knows your name and has your drink order in before you come to the counter. It is a pick me up before your morning meeting, and your after lunch lounge where you find your focus and connect with your coworkers.

Cold Brew Bar evokes a spirit of curiosity where guests are invited to unlock and unravel Thrive’s mission.

The design allows the consumers to discover the stories of the farmers, their families, and communities that benefit most from Thrive’s farm to cup model.

Cold Brew Bar‘s concept of “Many Hands” awakens an appreciation for the long and labored journey of coffee from bean to cup. It will provide an environment within their work place to connect to their community, to Thrive's mission, and to the cup of coffee in their hands.

2020 Muse Gold Design Award Winner

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